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Li Gang

Fotografie, Malerei, Installation

Li Gang, Peking (China)

Fotografie, Lichtinstallation und Kurz Filme

Lebt und arbeitet in Peking

Photography, light installation and short films

Lives and works in Beijing

          ligang 2021

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Every day new short films

"Life and live as an artist" in Beijing 2021

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1967 Born in Beijing, China.
1994 Graduated from Claremont School of Art, Perth, WA Australia
1996 Graduated (Sculpture), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
1996-97 Teaching – Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, Established and managed Wenlou Meta Sculpture Studio.
1998-09 Established Art Link Foundry and Sculpture Study Centre Beijing
2002-09 Founder and Director, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing                                                

2018 Curator for ADGY International Cultural Center Beijing



2011:RMIT University, Melbourne 

2010: RMIT University, Melbourne  

2008: Color Elephante Gallery, Valencia


2008: Chang Dong National Arts Studio, IASK, Seoul; National Museum of Contemporary Art

2007: Vienna - Austrian Culture Bureau, Artist in Residence Program

2009: Established Unit One/Pickled Art Space at 798  Beijing Art District, Beijing 


2013: Moved Unit One gallery from 798 to Hei qiao Art District

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2016 "Poughkeepsie in the dark" Art Centro,Poughkeepie

2015 "Wondering at South Korea Sea" Eunam Gallery, Gwangju,Korea

2015 " the New World" Okgwa Art Musem, Jeollanam-do,Korea

2015: Ramble Round The Southern Sea, Eunam Museum of Art                                     

2013: Backyard Blitz,Vzualnet Project space,                                      

2012: Li Gang – in the grey scale, Salamanca Art Centre, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 

2012: Li Gang – in the grey scale, Australian Experimental Art Gallery – AEAF Adelaide, South Australia                                                                                       

2011: Li Gang – in the grey scale, Ararat Regional Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia            

2011: Li Gang – in the grey scale, Latrobe Regional Art Gallery – LRG. Morwell, Victoria,Australia                                                                                                                         

2011: Li Gang – in the grey scale, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art – PICA Perth, Western Australia                                                                                                                             

2010: Li Gang – in the grey scale, Monash Gallery of Art - MGA, Melbourne, Australia     

2008: Black Light, 798/Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2008: Work in Progress, Color Elefante Gallery, Valencia
2008: Li Gang - New Painting, Galeriazero, Barcelona
2006: Li Gang 2006, Painting Sculpture Printmaking; Two Lines Gallery, Beijing
2004: Rust, Sculpture Installation, Chinese European Art Center Xiamen University Xiamen


Group Exhibitions (selected)

2019: Uncertainty Photograph Exhibition, Unit One Gallery, Beijing

2018: Shifting the Posts, Webb Gallery, Melbourne

2018: No Waste, ADGY. Center, Beijing

2018: ADGY International Cuktural Center Beijing, No Waste Form

2018: UPdate Gallery, Bonn – Under the Pressure of Cement

2017: UPdate Gallery, Bonn – DaSein

2017: Schatten TA, German – Chinese Artproject, Museum Zündorfer Wehrturm, Köln                                                                                           

2015: Black & Light, Eunam Museum of Art,Gwangju Korea                     

2015: Excursion: Peking – Bonn – Nettesheim, Gallery Casainspera, Germany 

2014: Beijing-SLC Connect,Gittins Gallery, The University of Utah,  USA  

2013: Today’s Dynasty, Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany                          

2012: Beijing Hao!,UQ Art Museum, Queensland, Australia                       

2011: Asian Contemporary Art, Melbourne International Fine Art  –  MiFA. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia                                                                     

2011: Color of Grey, Matthias Kuper Gallery, Beijing                                  

2011: 20 Years - Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing        2011: Gang of Four, OASIS Gallery, Beijing                                                       

2010: Art Forum: Li Gang, RMIT University School of Art, Melbourne, Australia                                                                                                      

2009: Width, Museum of Contemporary Art, Song Zhuang, Beijing
2009: New Harmony 5x5, ArtMia Foundation, Cao Changdi, Beijing
2009: ReGroup: New Opportunities in A New Climate, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2009: Catching Light: 4 Chinese photographers, QUAC 798 Art District, Beijing
2009: New Photographers, QUAC 798 Art District, Beijing
2008: Transparent Memories, Two Lines Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing
2008: Olympic Stars, Red Gate Gallery
2007-08 Process-Journey, Australia–China Touring Exhibition, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong
2007: Gang of Eight, Painting, Two Lines Gallery, Beijing
2007: Dialogue - 2007, Sculpture, Norwegian Embassy, Beijing
2006: To the Watchtower: 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2006: Emptiness, Painting, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing
2006: Paper View, Painting, Two Lines Gallery, Beijing
2006: Constructed Winds, 798/Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2005: October, Oil Painting, Pickled Art Centre
2005: Go Fast, Think Twice, Sculpture, Pickled Art Centre
2004: September, Sculpture, Pickled Art Centre
2004: China Contemporary Art Scene Gallery, Shanghai
2003: Changchun Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Far-East Art Gallery, Changchun
2002: Dialogue: Norway, Iceland and China, China Art and Archives Beijing
2001: Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2001: Elements, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Art Museum, Beijing


China, National Art Museum Canberra, Australia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, France, Italy, Spain

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