Series of images "Blue Glaciers"

In his photo series, the artist Jin Ping, who lives in Chengdu (China), deals with the melting of the glacier on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau in a fascinating way. Due to global warming, the unstoppable thawing process of the glacier landscape began, which does not cause the ice to break down so quickly on any other part of the world. Over a period of four years, the artist recorded the state of the dwindling ice giants several times using his analog camera. The obsolete pioneering technique of photography, the cyanotype, is experiencing its revival in Ping's works. Typical of the method from England, also known as the "blue process", is the combination of bright blue and brilliant white surfaces that result in a negative image. Jin Ping is the winner of the "Golden Statue Award for China Photograph 2018" and has been committed to environmental protection and cultural protection of the Chinese minorities for over 20 years.

Blue Glacier V

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  • Analog photography "Blue Glaciers" by Jin Ping | Unique

    Dimensions: 80 x 70cm